About Dr. Jones

When Dr. Amy Jones was just a young girl, her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. After a long battle, he passed away in the fall of 1970. At that time, Dr. Jones decided that she would dedicate her life to becoming a physician so that she could help people like her father and help families like her family.

Dr. Jones has been an oncologist specializing in lung cancer in New Orleans for over 10 years, and she is dedicated to spreading the word about good lung health to the world. In early 2017, she started the Louisiana Lung Health Blog as a way to spread the word about all things related to lung health.

Her father not only was a long-time smoker, but he was also an alcoholic. Dr. Jones is very passionate about helping those with alcoholism and addiction, and she volunteers many hours for the New Orleans Substance Abuse Counseling Center.

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